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What does mindful speech mean to you? Are you mindful with your speech as it relates to yourself and others? Some may say it means thinking before you speak, others, may say it means to zip your lip. Both are reasonable responses, however, there is more depth to these two words that we can explore and think about before our week begins. First; we can observe what we say to ourselves and others. Do the words we share hold ourselves and others UP or DOWN? We can also take a good look at how certain words impact our emotions and the general feeling of our bodies. Example; do I think and speak about things that cause myself suffering, if so, is the byproduct of this thought impacting my body by causing chest pain, anxiety or any other discomfort? Am I doing the opposite and thinking good things, if so, how does that feel within my body and very feeling? We can also observe how these thoughts or words impact our outer experience. Do negative thoughts have people I know or even random people attacking me or coming at me for any reason? The same goes for positive thoughts or words; what is the end result? We can also observe how our words and thoughts are perfectly mirrored back by others. Becoming more aware of all the above is “key” to the beginning of using mindful speech in our everyday lives.

Let’s be mindful with our speech this week. Let’s see if thoughts and words get mirrored back within our bodies or by others. Practice saying positive things toward yourself and others this week. Let us know how it goes.

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