ENERGIZEMedical Qigong Therapy

Medical Qigongis one of the oldest branches of Chinese medicine, a comprehensive system for addressing the root cause of symptoms to treat the client as a whole. Imbalances in the energy fields of the body leads to dis-ease, resulting from unhealthy lifestyle, diet, environment, emotional upsets, or physical traumas.


Energetic disturbance is diagnosed through the trained ability to sense energetic anatomy then applying the foundations of Chinese medicine. Balance is restored through clearing and tonifying the acupuncture points, the energetic fields, and chakras. These treatments stimulate the body’s healing potential and help regulate internal organs and immune systems, as well as mental and emotional stability.


During a session, the practitioner’s hands will be above the patient’s body while the patient lies fully clothed on the table. Depending on the individual energetic patterning, the practitioner may use slight touches to connect certain areas of the body or use energetic needles at acupuncture points to balance the body.


    What the individual feel vary depending on the person and the treatment protocol–most common reported experience are:

  • Expansion of their field
  • Noticing other beings present in the room
  • Sleeping, hypnogogic state, REM
  • Sensation of hovering over their body
  • Pressure and movement
  • Vibration and tingling
  • Twitches and jolts
  • Cold or hot sensations
  • Hearing, seeing, smelling visions and colors
  • Most report some kind of shift during or after the treatment as the practitioner works with the memories stored in the energetic body.


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